20 Pcs Enamel Flower Layers Yellow Coral Orange 1/2 Inch (12-13mm)


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20 tiny and bright metal flower layers with center holes, in a mix of aspen leaf yellow and coral, some solid, some speckled or a mix, giving them an orange color. These 5-petal shapes are enamel painted and sealed (front and back) solid brass stampings. 10 of the flowers are flat, and 10 have slightly upturned petals for nicer stacking into sets. They are about a half inch across (13mm flat, 11-12mm upturned.)

These can be stacked, strung, sewn or glued to make earrings, hair accessories, frames, jewelry, headbands, sashes, and anything else you can think up! .

The flowers have small and/or pointy parts and are for adult use only.


Materials: Brass, Enamel Paint